Save time, money and frustration
with a brokerage that represents you.

Rent any apartment in NYC
and let us do all the work


Search apartments

Send StreetEasy links to the apartments you like. We visit them to get a video for you within 24h before you commit to seeing them.


Complete service

We deal with brokers for you, are there for you if you have any questions and come with you to showings.


Move in, get paid

We help with the application process, communicate with the broker & landlord for you and give you $250 back when you sign!

Why Redcapper?

Landlords have brokers who represent their interests. Renters do not.
When someone is buying an apartment, they have a broker representing them. We believe if you are renting, you should be represented too. Having Redcapper on your side will make your apartment search easy and successful.

Check out sample video

We send someone from our team to take a video so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time visiting countless apartments.

Get started now!

How do we make money?

If there is a broker fee, we take a cut from this.
If the apartment is a “No Fee” we charge a small service fee.

You absolutely can! We work with every real estate listing website including StreetEasy, Zillow and Trulia. However, we do recommend StreetEasy, since it has the largest number of listings.
After you have sent us links that you are interested in, we contact the broker for you and send someone from our team to get a video taken. You just sit back and relax, while we deal with the broker and get you a video so that you don’t have to waste time visiting countless apartments yourself.
If the apartment has a broker fee, we just take a cut from this fee that’s already there. In other words, you don’t end up paying anything more than you otherwise would. If it’s a no-fee apartment, we charge a small service fee.
Contact us

Please reach out if you any questions or comments. We are available 24/7.